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COVID-19 is Changing Consumer Behaviour with Long Term Consequences: More Mindful Shopping & Awareness of Healthy, More Sustainable Diet

It is no news that these times are having a vast impact on people’s lives, on businesses, and on the economy across the globe. However, how are people reacting to the pandemic, and which consumer trends have changed for good? This guest submission is from market experts in Expansion Eco, based in Berlin.


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What Needs to Happen to Convert Mass Meat Lovers to Alt-Meat?

Evolving plant-based meat to bridge the gap for meat lovers: with environmental concerns, global supply chain crises and food security risks taking centre stage worldwide – the pressure is on to create a sustainable alternative to meat that is enjoyed by all. However, convincing the bulk of the population – big meat eaters – to make any meaningful lifestyle shift seems like an insurmountable challenge.


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Antoine Robert: Looking Ahead -The Future of the Menu

Calling a restaurant “vegan” certainly helps to identify it to those with (sometimes hard-to-meet) restrictions. It is also courteous of a client to let a restaurant know in advance if they do require vegan options. It can be quite a challenge for a chef if a patron has not let the chef know in advance as it could lead to not having the right ingredients available.


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What is Behind the Rise in Popularity of Oat Milk?

A special guest post from David Peters, Managing Director, DSP Ventures Ltd, and former Head of Oatly UK.

“Oat milk? We didn’t know oats could be milked”. When, in late 2015, I told family and friends that I had been asked to join Oatly, a Swedish oat milk company, I was greeted by some rather quizzical looks.


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Tofurky Founder Seth Tibbott Discusses His New Book ‘In Search of the Wild Tofurky’ and Gives us an Advance Preview

Tofurky founder/CEO Seth Tibbott, who founded the veggie meat company back in 1980, has written a book about his experience as a pioneer of vegan meat, named ‘IN SEARCH OF THE WILD TOFURKY: How a Business Misfit Pioneered Plant-Based Foods Before They Were Cool’. Here he speaks with us about the book and offers us an excerpt from his unique story, ahead of its release next month.


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How Vegan Offerings Finally Caught Up With Modern Appetites

Once a niche trend associated with bland tofu and the frustration of scanning stores to find at least one cruelty-free cosmetics line, veganism has since become a powerful force unlocking a rapidly-growing business segment poised to grow further. The continued momentum, so notable that The Economist named 2019 “the year of the vegan,” only manifests how mainstream the trend is becoming. The ranks of vegans are progressively expanding, with now …


OpEd: COVID 19 as an Accelerator of Food Tech

It was said to have begun at a wholesale animal market in Wuhan City which health officials have strongly suggested as the starting point of the outbreak. However, COVID-19 is not the only animal virus to have originated from meat consumption. This includes H1N1 (Bird Flu) and the Mad Cow Disease. Our attention is then turned to plant based proteins or even clean meats as a healthier and disease free option.