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New York’s Iconic Soft Serve Brand 16 Handles Continues Oatly Collaboration

New York City’s iconic soft serve brand 16 Handles announces it is to bring its popular Oatly collaboration into a second summer, launching Marshmallow oat milk soft serve and more.  

“Our mission is to create moments of happiness by sharing the world’s best-tasting desserts” – 16 Handles

16 Handles was founded in 2008 as New York City’s first self-serve frozen dessert shop and expanded into a neighborhood favorite in dozens of towns across the East Coast. The Oatly collaboration marks the company’s first step into oat milk-based soft serve.

Oatly Collaboration

Six unique flavors were released in 2021 as a result of the successful partnership between the 16 Handles and Oatly culinary teams. With a brand-new taste that will be available only at 16 Handles stores, 16 Handles and Oatly are capping the second summer of their lauded partnership.

oatly x 16 handles
© 16 Handles

Up until the end of the season, 16 Handles will be serving Marshmallow oatmilk soft serve and a “S’mores” twist with chocolate. The Marshmallow oatmilk soft serve is claimed to be dairy free, gluten free, and without gelatin.

Following the launch of Marshmallow and S’mores in the summer, 16 Handles intends to introduce their fall and winter menu for 2022, which will feature more new oatmilk flavors from their partnership with Oatly.

“When it comes to dairy-free celebrations, Oatly’s creamy and decadent oat milk soft serve is amazing. Delicious and innovative flavors are our specialty, so we’re more excited than ever to continue expanding our 16 Handles-exclusive menu with the team at Oatly,” says 16 Handles CEO Solomon Choi in a statement sent to QSR.



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